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Family Practice with a natural approach.
From routine yearly physicals, blood work, EKGs and
D.O.T physicals to manipulative and nutritional therapy,

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An accurate, complete and thorough assessment of
a patient’s history is key to our treatment approach.
Our approach is personalized, proactive,
predictive and preventative.

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Natural and Alternative treatment solutions to
chronic conditions. From thyroid problems and diabetes,
to fatigue and depression, Complete Care can help.

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Natural Medicine by Jeffrey Gappa, D.C., DABCI, AP-C

Is your family care physician out of touch? Are you tired of taking pharmaceuticals that just don't seem to be getting the job done? We feel that a major problem with many medical practitioners is that a common response to illness is pills, then more pills. It's not enough to simply mask health problems with a temporary fix. You need a real solution. Maybe it's time to get back to the basics. Maybe it's time to consider something effective that integrates a natural approach.

Complete Care of Colorado approaches natural medicine with a “4P” approach - personalized, proactive, preventative, predictive solutions. The 4P approach is effectively implemented through listening, examination and research. We implement this process with every patient every visit. We can conduct routine exams typical of a family care physician such as pap smears, EKG's, and full physicals (including sports and DOT).

At Complete Care of Colorado, our goal is simple: we strive to save, improve, and extend the lives of our patients. We achieve this goal by combining western and natural medicine in an atmosphere that promotes treating root causes of illness, not just the symptoms.

Here are just a few of the conditions we treat:

Jeffrey Gappa, D.C. DABCI, AP-C of Complete Care of Colorado, is Board Certified by the American Board of Chiropractic Internist to provide natural medicine in a family practice setting. At Complete Care of Colorado, we're here to help you treat the fire, not the smoke.

What Patients are Saying

Jeffrey Gappa, D.C., DABCI, AP-C has encouraged me to live a healthy life by educating me on feeding my body right. I have a new understanding of “diet” and “wellness”. My body is recovering from the toxins I consumed and I have more energy.I feel better now,...

Amanda, Brighton, CO