Arthritis and Gout


As anyone with arthritis ¬†knows, this disease can be extremely painful. Although arthritis is thought of as a single disease, it’s actually a broad term used to describe joint pain accompanied with inflammation. In fact, there are over 100 different types of arthritis. While the causes of arthritis can vary, but the end result is consistent: pain.


gout problemsJust the name, “gout” sounds awful, doesn’t it? As you begin to read about

As you begin to read about gout, whether it is online or in a book the first chapter usually begins with the history of gout. It is novel to know that kings had it and it was and still considered a disease of excess foods. At least excessive foods high in purines.

Well, I am going to skip all of that stuff because I want to dive right in and begin to discuss what you can do about gout right away. Besides the internet is filled with the history of gout and there is a ton of anecdotal evidence of how to treat gout when you have a flare-up.

Gout Treatment

Long-term gout management usually begins with pharmaceutical applications of allopurinol and colchicine (now colcrys -$$$). Steroids like prednisone in doses from 1mg per day to 60 mg per day are given to curb the pain caused by the bodies natural protective inflammatory responses. Indomethacin, a nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory is also given to quiet the inflammatory response but this drug as with allopurinol, colchicine and prednisone have nasty gastrointestinal side effects and are not tolerated well by most patients. Uloric is another newer medication that is similar to allopurinol. It just works a little differently on the biochemical level.

If you’re like many of my patients, you do not want to be on medications long-term and are looking for ways to manage gout naturally. You’re probably looking for ways that are safer and don’t have the side effects that many medications bring with them.

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