Back Pain

Back Pain

Even though we specialize in internal disorders we are still chiropractors and of course can offer safe, effective and natural treatments to ease your back pain. Whether you have had years of pain or this is the first time, chiropractic care and manual therapies can offer relief. We offer a variety of adjustments and therapies to tailor the treatment to fit the individual. We feature Flexion-Distraction therapy which specializes in alleviating low back pain, as well and Acupuncture and Massage services. We can help you get back to normal quickly and with as few adjustments as possible.

Low back pain

Low back pain is the most common back pain complaint. It can be caused by a variety of injuries or dysfunctions. Getting to the cause of your back pain is key to getting you well and staying that way. Most commonly, lower back pains are caused by alterations of normal spinal motion and muscular tension. In addition to traditional adjustments we offer Flexion-Distraction therapy and even offer therapeutic massage therapy if you need a little extra care to ease those aching muscles. We will get you well quickly so you can get on with your life, without pain.

Herniated or bulging discs (who else doesn’t want back surgery).

A herniated or “slipped” disc in the low back can be a painful and debilitating injury. Most often this occurs with a seemingly minor injury. The classic signs of a disc injury are pain radiating from the back down into the legs and often times numbness in the same area. When this injury first occurs getting around can be difficult. Treatments with the Flexion–Distraction adjustment are mild and for more tolerable in cases of severe back pain than other types of chiropractic adjustment. The traction of the table can help to relieve pressure and irritation on injured discs to help to speed your recovery. Prompt care is important, because disc injuries are a common reason for back surgeries. However, early treatment can greatly improve your likelihood of a full recovery without surgery. We also can recommend Decompression therapy. Decompression offers non-invasive, non-surgical back pain relief and is designed specifically for the treatment of herniated discs or bulging discs as well as degenerative disc disease.

Flexion–Distraction Therapy (F/D)

Flexion–Distraction is a unique form of low back spinal traction. F/D can offer relief from back pain when other treatments may have failed. The results achieved with this specialized table are hard to duplicate with other low back treatments or adjustments.

As opposed to some other forms of low back traction the treatments are quick and take just a few minutes longer than a visit for a typical adjustment. Treatments just 2-3 times a week can produce great results in only a week.

Flexion-Distraction is extremely effective for treating disc bulges or herniations in the low back. Prompt care following the injury can often spare the pain and expense of back surgery for many patients. Flexion-Distraction is perfect for episodes of severe back pain and is much more tolerable for the patient in this situation. In addition to acute care injuries, it also works great for those chronic low back pains as well.

So if you have suffered with low back pain or are faced with the possibility of low back surgery we urge you to give this a try.