Ear Infections


Acute and recurrent ear infections are a frequent problem in young children. Chronic and/or poorly treated ear infections can lead to long term damage and hearing loss in children. We can evaluate your child’s ear aches to determine the source of the infection and offer effective natural treatments. It is important to determine the underlying source of the recurrent infections and treat it. Often times recurrent infections can be caused by Immune System Dysfunctions, Food Allergies or sensitivities, or other upper respiratory infections.

Please do not believe that ear infections, especially in children necessarily need to be addressed with antibiotics. Alternative treatments offered in this office will likely be provided in conjunction with nutritional and natural treatment options. Guidelines from the American Academy of Pediatricians suggest taking a wait and see approach for the first 72 hours vs. prescribing antibiotics.

In general, an ear infection is a simple condition without complications. Some children will have minor hearing loss during and right after the infection.

We invite you and your family evaluated for the common causes of ear infections including food allergies and deficiencies in your immune system. This can be done by routine blood work done here in the office.