Hormone Replacement Therapy

hormone therapyHormone Balancing

Besides menopause, there are many conditions that can be overcome by hormone balancing.  At Complete Care Colorado, we supply a hormone questionnaire that provides us a comprehensive physical history along with a take home test that you can complete in the convenience of your own home.

Our hormone testing evaluates all of the hormones of your body and not just a single hormone such as estrogen in menopausal women or just progesterone.  We take your comprehensive evaluation and look at all the major hormone producing tissues and glands in the body.  We take a thorough look at all the hormones including the pituitary, thyroid and adrenals as well as tissues such as body fat which can in certain situations be an endocrine gland itself.

Your hormones are like an orchestra with the hormones acting in a similar way to musical instruments where there are violins, tubas and flutes.  All of the instruments need to be playing in unison as well as with the same intensity in order to maintain a balanced and harmonious production.

Many signs and symptoms of a hormone imbalance are not just from one hormone but from a collection of hormones that need to be balanced together.

It’s our job at Complete Care Colorado to educate you and to see that those hormone balances are maintained.

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