I.V. Therapy

We are proud to announce the latest addition to our family practice:

Thrive Nutritional Infusion Therapy in Lafayette Colorado, is a unique health clinic that specializes in IV therapy. IV therapy is, quite simply, a blend of vitamins and minerals that, combined together, help you feel like the best version of yourself. Now you are thinking, “I take my vitamins everyday so why would this been any different?” The reason IV therapy is different is in its’ name, “IV,” meaning intravenously.

By receiving these vitamins and minerals intravenously, they get into your system faster and are absorbed better than taking them by mouth. When you take your vitamins in a pill form, they have to travel throughout your entire digestive system before getting to the areas that they are needed most and due to the digestive process, by the time they get where they need to be, the amount that is absorbed is significantly less than the amount you took in.

Their IV therapies often produce the same clinical response as oral supplementation in weeks versus months, especially if the intestinal lining has been damaged by commonly used drugs such as Advil or antibiotics.

Please feel free to peruse their website or if you are ready, your can set up your FREE 15 minute consultation online. Book Now!