Prostatitis can either be chronic or acute.  The offending bacteria is usually E. Coli and the doctors at Complete Care of Colorado(CCC) will inquire  as to the man’s partner as there will likely be chronic cervicitis with similar offending organism.

Acute prostatitis can be very painful and the pain will often be noticeable on urination and will be located above the pubic bone or down under around the perineal area and into the testicles.  Prostatitis will often refer to the back at the sacral area.  This is why the astute chiropractic physician should palpate the prostate if there is suspicion of prostate involvement.  Palpation of the acute prostate will be done with great care so as not to cause further pain.  The prostate exam is often looked at by the patient with great trepidation anyhow so the physicians and chiropractors at CCC will take great care and understanding if they feel that this clinical condition exists.


There are a number of alternative approaches that can be utilized for acute prostatitis.  Often times the patient will have a fever and painful urination with testicular pain.  In situations like this it is uncommon that the patient will require antibiotics (although you will likely receive these in a typical western medicine setting).

Chronic prostatitis is clinically easier to manage as it responds well to dietary and supplementation schedules.

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