Testosterone Levels

Every year 9 Health Fair offers blood work as a screening tool to help identify potential health concerns.  This year they have added testosterone and B12.  For years, many of my patients have known that I am not an advocate of health care screening laboratories. The results of these labs generally lead to patients interpreting these tests incorrectly and scarring them or worse, giving them a false sense of belief that they are healthy because they fall into a reference range that is “normal.”  Take for example the new testosterone serum analyte.  While each lab is different for different geographic zones, most reference ranges for testosterone fall somewhere between 330 and 1100 ng/dl. So, if your 9 Health Fair testosterone comes back at, let’s say, 400 ng/dl and you’re a 25-year- old male, you may believe that your testosterone is normal.  It’s in the normal reference range, right? Well, not really!  Depending on your age, a normal “feel good” range for testosterone, adjusted for age, should be around 550 ng/dl. A level of 400 ng/dl for a 25-year-old man would certainly leave him with decreased energy, motivation, initiative, self-confidence and memory.  Not to mention, he is probably not sleeping well.  Any man, independent of age, should have a total testosterone of around 550 ng/dl.  Anything less than this, even if you do not have symptoms, should be investigated.  Desirable testosterone levels are actually much higher then what is currently being considered as “normal” in doctors’ offices and screening fairs such as 9 Health Fair.  So, if your T-score falls within normal reference ranges, but is below 550 ng/dl, then please call me for an appointment. I have developed a 4-step program that will raise your testosterone level 400% in just 30 days. Also, we can perform all the same lab testing that they perform at the 9 Health Fair so if you would rather not wait until the Health Fair comes around, call me today and we can get started right away!