Weight Loss

weight loss problemsForget Dieting

There is no diet that will do what healthy eating does.  Skip the diet and just eat healthy. Our nutritionist will always encourage you to eat clean.  The process of eating clean usually will start off with a detoxification of the body.   Even though detoxification programs come in different shapes and sizes they are all important first steps in developing good habits.  Good habits will ultimately lead to sustained weight loss.

Clean eating may feel a bit overwhelming at first, especially if you have a lot of changes to make.  Our advice is to take baby steps. Try making little change every day and don’t beat yourself up if you make mistakes.  We all do.  Just realize that it’s what you do the majority of the time that counts.

Cut the Processed Foods

When you are accustomed to processed foods you may have a difficult time with the natural flavors of real food.  Your taste buds will change.  If you start eating this way regularly, you’ll see that eventually the stuff you used to love just doesn’t taste the same anymore.  It’s amazing how numb our taste buds have become to craving real foods.  Give it time – you’ll learn to love your new way of eating!

With a medically supervised detoxification coupled with proper way of eating you can get healthier with the side effect of weight loss naturally.  No dieting, no YO YO.   Let us help you learn how to get a leaner body mass without calorie cutting and unnecessary cleansing!  Call us today at 303-665-2525 for an appointment.

Now Offering LipoVite Injections for Weight Loss

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