Yeast Infection

Vaginal Candidiasis


This condition is a common gynecological presentation to our office.  Warm moist environments are subject to developing yeast infections especially where there can be PH and bacterial changes on an ongoing basis.  Vaginal Candidiasis may be a simple one time occurrence or a chronic condition.  With chronic conditions treatment is usually directed toward balancing local PH as well as balancing bacterial overgrowths.  Part of balancing the bacterial flora in the vagina and perineal area involves reducing sugar in the diet and vaginal suppositories.  Those with chronic recurrent yeast infections I always consider a systemic yeast infection.  This can be simply addressed through a blood test.

Yeast infections usually present with the patient complaining of vaginal, labial or perineal itching.  Upon examination of the vagina a thick, curdy opaque white discharge will usually be apparent.  Rashes will sometimes be present as well.

For non-chronic yeast infections I usually treat with Boric Acid powders that can be introduced with a douche over a week or two.  Vaginal repletion packs are also used to balance out the vaginal flora.  Boric acid capsules can also be used.

Chiropractic manipulation to the L4 vertebrae can help stimulate blood supply to the vagina.


Jeffrey Gappa, D.C. DABCI, AP-C